November 1

Rule Essay

Do you think breaking the rules is good or bad?Breaking the rules can show what type of person you are, and can lead to big consequences,such as jail,diet,or juvenile detention. There for it is not OK to break the rules.Because of what could happen.
Do you think breaking the rules is OK why or why not?Breaking the rules can show if you can or can’t be trusted,and it can lead you to big trouble. For example, when I was in kindergarten I cut someone’s hair and I got a whopping when I got home. So it was not OK to break the rules.Also if, you break the rules you could harm someone else or case your family to go into debt.
If, you break the rules you lose bounders.Although if, you don’t break the rules you create bounders which we can use to be more successful in life.So keep an eye on your action s because one time in first grade I thought it was OK to play tag in the classroom,and I got had to change my color.
So if you see any human life form try to break the rules tell them to stop immediately. So I bet now you will think twice before you break the rules.

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April 7

that joyful day

That Joyful Day

I can remember that Mother’s day ,like no other day it feels like yesterday but in reality it was five years ago. My father woke me up very early that morning and announced that it was mother’s day.He happily pronounced let’s make your mother breakfast so ,I replied ok but let me change out of my pj’s .So I made like a kangaroo and jumped out of bed.
Meanwhile my brother was a sleep like a hibernating bear. So I ran in the kitchen and said ”Ok” ” dad what ingredients do we need for her breakfast? ”He replied ”we need eggs ,flour, butter ,milk ,sugar and that is all ”he said.So I gathered all of the ingredients. And my father ask ”Austin can you please get me a whisk and bowl for the egg’s?” I replied “Yes sir” so got him what he need. We heard a loud noise and said hairy . ( Fast forward through time) I tried to flip a pancake but it got stuck on the floor.
So we started to take her the food that we started preparing for her, and she started smiling and giggling. Thanks to that moment I leaned to pay attention on what goes on in life.

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April 5

The perfect melody

Lost and alone
Afade and scared
Inclosed for too long

Like a melody

Abandoned and lonely
Upset mad at myself
Cold in the darkness
Confused I have no clue where to go

Like a melody

Forgotten and betrayed
Left to rot
Falling apart
A nobody

Like a broken melody
left to fight to fight for myself
Like a lion roaring in my face
Tear shed from my face

Like a perfect melody

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March 3

What I learned about the holocaust.

The holocaust was a serious event not just for us but for the world. Hitler was a man that was mad with power .He didn’t just want   the Jews to suffer the pain he wanted the world to suffer.

He didn’t just kill and murder jews he also kill gipes ,handicap , also those people where all humans that had wright’s. he thought that the jew’s where bad people because he wasn’t the, best at drawing as a kid so the jew’s kick out of the school. Hitler also wanted a dominant race although he had brown hair brown eyes he wanted, people to have blonde hair blue eyes. I also learned not to give up no matter how hard thing are in life  and to keep pushing.

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January 25

Dariy entry

Dear diary,


Today Ellen and I were going to school and we raced around the corner .When  the giraffe and his partner told us to stop. The fat chubby soldier touched my backpack with his gun. I was frozen with fear he looked in my backpack . I said it is only books and papers ,the other soldier was too busy messing with

kirsti hair.


                    The solder told us to go home and study are books I wanted to run . But I tried to stay calm. Once we got home. I told mother, Kirsti a five year old little girl also a pain in the but always a little lie too the end .



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January 5

Good Times

Good times

A flame Ignites and burns to a fuse
sparks start flying
Joy is brought to people’s faces

children run with sparklers and smiles
The pop ring thore your ears
And they sparkle like stars 


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